About Siouxland Interdenominational TEC    

Are you a Parent or a Pastor? Here you will find information about Siouxland Interdenominational Teens Encounter Christ. If you find your question has not been addressed, feel free to contact any member of the TEC Council.


  TEC is meant to be an interdenominational, Christ centered, relationally styled experience in Christian community for teenagers. Through the formation of leadership teams made up of adults and teen peers, the retreat weekends and various forms of follow-up provide opportunities for youth to grow in personal faith and to express a corporate faith in witness and service to others.

   TEC is an expression of the desire of participating congregations to offer a culturally relevant and encouraging exposure to the journey of faith. Teenagers have the freedom to consider their commitment to Christ and His church in a loving, attractive way. Based on scripture, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and surrounded by prayers, the TEC community can bring evangelism, revitalization, and discipleship into the lives of youth, spreading to their families, congregations and communities.

   Many congregations have realized a definite increase in youth involvement as a result of the TEC program.



Gwen McGhee

Team Allocations
Mike & Dee Diede
Rick & Sheila Knock

Candidate Allocations
Julie Garoutte

Spiritual Directors
Paul Peterson
  712-276-2511 W.
Pr. Joe Zimmerman
  402-755-2959 W.

Council Members

Daryl McGhee
Molliann Heikes
Julie Lesko
Lynne Wilke
Phyllis Peterson
Linda Bensen
Titus Nelson
Josiah Navarro
Abby Krei
Jared Vick
Mindi Wickstrom
Faith Hopp
Blake Jacobs
Garth Servis
Rachel Kitrell